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Fiber-Optic Communication Line

 Fiber-optic communication lines

Fiber optic lines - currently the most promising technology for data transmission to organize fixed land lines. In this case, the laying of the fiber optic cable is the most time-consuming and expensive part.

For a good return of investments, it is necessary correctly identify the track and the basis of operating conditions to select the correct type of cable:

Despite all the variety of possible routes between the two sites can identify the main ways laying fiber optic cable.

Laying fiber optic cable in the Ground

Fiber optic laying in the trench - is perhaps the most obvious but most inefficient way. Production processes, when cables in an open trench cumbersome, inefficient , but it can easily be monitored during construction works. Maximum attention should be paid to limit the minimum bend radius of Fiber optic. For this unwinding of the cable, and carrying and stacking it in the trench carried out without kinks. Not allowed drawing cable on land and unwinding cable drum .

After installing the cables in the trench produce its fixation track in the technical documentation and backfilling using, bulldozers , and in tight places - manually.

Trenchless method of laying cables with cable layer due to its high performance and efficiency is essential. It is widely used on tracks with different terrain and different soils. Gaskets are used for cable layers. With a knife in the ground cable layer is cut a narrow slit, and the cable is laid on its bottom at a predetermined depth of 1.2 m

Gasket of Fiber optic transitions via terrestrial obstacles with HDD method .
At the intersection with Highway, railways , product and other communications Fiber optic tightened in plastic pipes that are laid closed (horizontal drilling) or open way. Pipe-laying under obstacles, usually held before the start of cable laying in the intersection. It is necessary to give priority to such methods that do not require cut Fiber optic. At the approach to the underground cable layer obstacle Fiber optic unwound from the drum and stack in "eight". When stretched cable laid under the obstacle over the pipe cable again wound onto a drum for continue to gasket.
  Suspension optic cable on poles
Suspension optic cable on poles of power lines , air lines and other - is one of the chipest and most effective ways , despite the fact that this method of organization is considered a temporary solution Fiber optic lines it is widely and successfully used. For that method self-supporting fiber optic cables is used.

  Gasket Fiber optic in urban cable ducts
Duct is a linear structure includes sewers, tunnels allows you to run a large amount of cable through an extensive network. When laying the cable on urban cable duct Fiber optic must have a shell of non-combustible material, to comply with fire safety regulations. The most promising at the moment is the method of laying plastic protective tubes, with followed fiber optic cable blowing at distances up to 2 kilometers.

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