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Structured cabling system

 Structured cabling system (SCS) — fiber or copper base of information infrastructure of the building, it lets to integrate many different network information services such as local area network phones security and video systems etc.

 SCS equipment includes fiber and copper cables, patch-panels, patch-cords, jacks, and wall mounted hardware for information jacks and additional. All SCS elements are integrated in a single set (System) and operated according to certain rules.
 Standards and categories.
  The world currently operates 3 major SCS standards.

In standards EIA/TIA-568С, ISO 11801-2002andEN 50173 for cable lines and for components (cords and jacks) the following categories and classes are defined depending on the bandwidth signal being passed:

Bandwidth signal
Being passed
Category EIA/TIA-568С
Class according ISO 11801-2002 and
EN 50173
up to 16 MHz
category 3
class С
10-100 Mbit/s
up to 100 MHz
category 5e 
class D
100-1000 Mbit/s
up to 250 MHz
class E
1 Gbit/s
up to 500 MHz
category 6A 
class E(A)
up to 600 MHz
class F(A)
10-40 Gbit/s

  Technical level of the elements based on the current standards guarantees the functional efficiency of the electrical system and support the work of existing and upcoming applications for at least 10 years. 

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