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Starting and adjusting works (SAW).

Electrical checks, adjustment, training and setup of the communication means.

These works follow the assembly and end up the erection of new industrial facilities. After these works are finished, the facility can be commissioned into operation.
 Setup of communication equipment and adjustment of software is performed in accordance with the program and methods of the Manufacturer, as well as on the basis of «Rules of Technical Operation of Primary Networks of Unified Communication System of the RF. Books 1 to 6».
 After the equipment is set up and the software is adjusted, the installation tests are performed. During the installation tests the entire set of the communication equipment assembled and its full interaction are checked.
 The Client’s representatives can supervise installation tests. Protocols containing results of installation tests are attached to the notice, informing the Client that it is possible to proceed with the acceptance tests. Some stages of installation tests may be accounted as certain accepting tests. In case the installation tests are passed, the Contractor informs the Client that the equipment is ready for the acceptance testing. At this, it is necessary to follow «The Order of the Ministry of Communications dated September 9th,2002 N 113 «About confirmation of «Rules of Commissioning of Communication Facilities into Operation».
 The Acceptance Committee is formed to hold the acceptance tests. The acceptance tests are carried out in accordance with the program and methods, established for the communication equipment to be accepted. The program and methods are approved by the Client and the Contractor.
 The communication equipment within the commissioned facility subject to the acceptance testing should be completely assembled, fully supplied, provided with spare parts, testing and measuring instrumentation, consumables and other units to be delivered, as well as with a set of instruction manuals in Russian. After the end of the acceptance tests the Acceptance Committee assesses the test results and compiles the Act of Acceptance, confirming that the communication equipment has been commissioned into operation.
 Starting and adjusting the electrical equipment.
 Normally the starting and adjustment works are performed after the assembly is over. At this, the entire set of these works is performed in 4 stages according to SNiP 3.05.06-85 Electrical Technical Devices.
 During the first (preparatory) stage:
 - the working program and the works execution plan on starting and adjustment are elaborated on the basis of the Design documents and instruction manuals, provided by manufacturing enterprises; the works plan includes occupational safety arrangements;
 - the Client gets notes on the Project, made during elaboration of the working program and the works execution plan;
 - the measuring instrumentation is prepared along with the testing equipment and devices.
The second stage involves the starting and adjusting works along with the wiring works; the power supply is provided according to the temporary diagram.
 Concurrent operations should be performed in accordance with the actual safety precautions. At this stage the starting and adjusting works can be performed, if the buildings and assembling works have already been finished. All building works within electrical rooms should be completed, in particular the finishing works; all openings, wells and cable channels should be shut in; the lighting, heating and ventilation systems should be completed; the electrical equipment should be installed and grounded. At this stage the company, fulfilling starting and adjustment, checks the assembled electrical equipment, as well as power supply from test circuits to certain devices and functional groups. The power to the electrical equipment under adjustment should be supplied only in case there are no electricians in the zone, where the adjustment takes place, and in case the safety precautions demanded by the actual safety regulations are observed.
 The third stage of starting and adjusting works involves individual tests of the electrical equipment. This stage starts, when this electrical plant is put into the operational mode. After that the starting and adjusting works are considered as works on electrical plants being operated. At this stage the following procedures are performed: parameters, protective devices and characteristics of electrical units are set up; control diagrams are tested along with protective and alarm diagrams, and electrical units on the idle run, which allows to prepare for individual testing of the technological equipment.
 After the individual testing of electrical equipment is over, the technological equipment is tested individually. Parameters, characteristics and settings of protective devices of electrical units are specified.
The individually tested electrical equipment is considered to be commissioned into operation. At this, the Client is provided with protocols of testing of the electrical equipment with high voltage, testing grounding and neutral grounding devices, as well as testing executive principal electrical diagrams, necessary for operation of the electrical equipment. Other protocols on adjustment of the electrical equipment are given to the Client (1 copy) during the next two months; as far as highly technical facilities are concerned, this period can be four months after the facility has been commissioned into operation.
 The end of starting and adjusting works during the third stage is registered in the Act of Technical Readiness of Electrical Equipment for Comprehensive Testing.
The fourth stage of starting and adjusting works involves the comprehensive testing of the electrical equipment according to approved programs. During this stage the starting and adjusting works are performed to regulate coordination of electrical diagrams and electrical systems, operating in various regimes. These works include:
 - maintenance of interconnections, regulation and setting of features and parameters of certain devices, and functional groups of the electrical plant, aiming to ensure the specified working regimes;
 - testing of the electrical plant connected to the primary power supply on the idle run and on-load in every working regime to get ready for the comprehensive testing of the technological equipment.
 Starting and adjusting works of the fourth stage are considered to be over after the designed electrical parameters and regimes of the electrical equipment are ensured. The starting and adjusting company is considered to have finished its works, when the characteristics of the electrical equipment at full load are ensured. When the works are completed, the Act of Acceptance of starting and adjusting works is signed. 
 Starting and adjusting of Control Instrumentation and Automations devices
 Starting and adjusting of Control instrumentation and Automations devices is performed during the next stage of construction, right after building and assembling works are finished. This stage includes the following works:
 The Design Technical Documentation analysis;
 The input control of metering units, transformers, testing of the Control Instrumentation assembly, of shutting and regulating fittings (SRF) and mechanisms before the voltage supply;
 Testing of the assembled electrical power supply diagrams, voltage supplied to power mains, shutting and regulating fittings and mechanisms;
 Testing of the operation of metering channels, including metering units, transformers and cable connections. Regulation of end switches of executive mechanisms and testing of the phase sequence of SRF, mechanisms, testing of the automation units, starters, and adjustment of SRF inching. Testing of the control diagrams operation, including SRF, mechanisms, control panels and cable connections;
 Adjustment of protective igniters and flare control systems;
 Per-unit adjustment and comprehensive testing of equipment during the operational testing.
 SNiP 3.05.07-85 Automation systems.
 SNiP 3.01.01-85 Arrangement of construction management
 Starting and adjusting works are accomplished with the comprehensive testing of equipment and automation systems, followed by the reports compilation. After the automation systems are commissioned into operation we are ready to undertake warranty obligations regarding the executed works.
 Starting and adjusting works (SAW) for Local Area Networks.
 A local area network (LAN) is a combination of technical means which cooperate to transmit, proceed and store information.
A LAN includes:
- A server system;
- A data storage system;
- A transport net;
- A control system etc.
 Irrespective of whether the network is a newly constructed facility or an existing system being upgraded, implementation of technical solutions involves building and assembling works (BAW) along with further adjustment works, called either the Starting or Adjusting works (SAW) or the Setup. The choice depends on the Client’s requirements and peculiarities of a certain Project.
 Setup and SAW consist of a similar process, though these are really different from the point of financial and budget estimation.
 The process of Setup requires that before the works are started the Works Execution Plan is developed on the basis the Working Documentation. In case new systems are to be integrated into the existing network this Plan should be approved with the operating services of the Client. The Works Execution Plan for LAN is designed in a way that allows to integrate new equipment into the existing network without interruption of its operation or endangering the information security.
 The developed Plan normally contains a step-by-step instruction on the works to be executed, and it states if it is necessary to engage the Client’s specialists, and indicates the technical specifications for each step. For the most serious and crucial steps it is necessary to ensure that the previous state of the system can be restored in case there are some problems.
 After technical specifications for connection are obtained and the Setup Plan is approved, the Setup itself is started. Normally the first step is to test the operability of equipment.
  Every step of the Setup process involves control and testing of operability of elements and the system in general, as well as checking the compliance of the system with the specified parameters. That’s why in case the arranged and adjusted equipment is connected to the existing system it is necessary to check the operability and parameters of constructed channels at first along with the accessibility of the necessary servers and elements. Only after that the newly installed equipment can be connected, and then it is necessary to check the parameters again.
  Then the final setup of the data exchange is performed along with the adjustment of connection logics and system operation, and the adjustment of safety parameters in accordance with the Policy announced by the Client or described in the Working Documentation.
  When adjustment of the system is finished, the system is tested on-load, which is followed by the comprehensive testing of the system operation. The primary controlled parameters are included into the testing protocol. Then the system is commissioned into operation, which is registered by means of the Act.

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