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Sealing of cable glands

  Roxtec seals for cables and pipes ensure safety, efficiency and reliability. Whoever you were - the owner, designer or installer - you can rely on these decisions, in all those cases where the cables and pipes pass through the openings, no matter what size they are.
  Selection of standard solutions Roxtec beneficial for owners who require long-term operational reliability and a good return on their investment. They are also ideal for designers who need a reasonable solution, and installation specialists who seek to do the job faster and easier.
Safety of life and protection of property
  Roxtec seals protect against damage caused by water, fire, gas, sand, dust and dirt . They provide explosion, lightning protection, noise and vibration. They protect against snakes and rodents, as well as provide a connection, grounding and protection from electromagnetic interference.
Testing and certification
  Roxtec solutions have been tested and certified by all major classification societies. Seals have been a large number of registered trials and approvals and received hundreds of certificates, indicating the resistance to adverse environments.
Fits any cables and pipes
  Multidiameter™ - the invention of Roxtec, ensure adaptability and flexibility of modular sealing systems. This unique solution is based on sealing modules with removable layers, providing a perfect fit for any external diameter of cables and pipes. This simplifies design, installation and logistics. Avoid unpleasant surprises regarding the number or diameter of the cables and reduces the need for tools and materials.
  Multidiameter™ technology allows you to seal most cables with just six basic sizes of modules. These modules allow you to securely seal the several cables with connectors at one opening. So you will always be ready to change the future regulatory requirements and needs to expand. If you need to add a cable or pipe - simply disassemble tunneling, adapt to the new module configuration and reassemble it!
  Recommended applications Roxtec products and solutions include:
  • seal the inputs cables or pipes in the building - through walls or floors
  • Roxtec sealing in cabinets and control panels
  • Replacement of cable glands for cable glands in the block connectors and junction boxes .
  Roxtec solutions have proven themselves well in those application areas that involve the largest number of cables:
  • Cabinets
  • Secure instrument system
  • Switchboard equipment
  • Junction boxes
  • Control cabinets
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Substations
  • Remote located technology eqipment.

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