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Assembling and Erection Supervision works.

 Before assembling the equipment the buildings in general or certain premises, where the equipment is to be assembled, should be accepted regarding the constructive readiness. The Acceptance of buildings and premises, where the equipment is to be assembled, is to be performed in accordance with requirements of SNiP 3.05.05-84, Chapter "Technological Equipment and Technological pipelines", as well as the Departmental Industrial Guides.
Buildings and premises accepted for assemblage should be supplied with electrical power, electrical lighting, heating, ventilation, water and sewage, and should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment according to Fire Safety regulations.
 When buildings and premises are accepted before the assemblage, it is necessary to check the adequacy of dimensions and levels of cable channels, concealed cable pipelines and pockets, equipment foundations, slots for anchor bolts, embedded details for fixation of equipment and structures, as well as openings for communication lines and transportation of large-sized equipment.
 When premises of hardware radio relay and TV stations are accepted before the assemblage, it is necessary to check if the axes and levels of these premises and antenna supports comply with the project.
 All wiring works are performed in accordance with GOST 12.3.032-84 «Wiring works». The Equipment assembly involves mechanical installation of communication equipment, connection of cable jumpers to racks and locating them in a certain way, connection of equipment to the primary power supply, performance of the necessary cross-connections and grounding of the equipment. The assembling is implemented in accordance with assemblage instructions for certain types of equipment and in compliance with safety regulations. 
The scope of building, assembling and erecting supervision works depends on the communication facility and is defined in the Cost Estimating Documentation, which is developed on the basis of the Project, which the Client passes over to be realized.
 The qualitative executed erection supervision works principally reduce the risk of mistakes during the assembly and starting and adjusting works, as well as during further operation of the equipment. It also allows to discover possible faults before the equipment is put into operation, which in the long run increases reliability of the equipment operation and consequently prevents the equipment from being idle.
 Here is the approximate scheme according to which the building and assembling works are performed:
 - Preparation of assembling structures, joints, blocks, wiring elements and top assembly of these outside the assembling zone;
 - Preparation of embedded details, openings, apertures in building structures, preparation of the grounding network, marking out of cable lines and installation of supporting and bearing structures for cable lines, blocks, devices and mechanisms.
- Laying out of cable lines, installation of blocks, devices, mechanisms, their wiring and individual adjustment, testing and measurement.
 At this, the Executor is obliged to do the following while performing the works:
 - to keep and compile the necessary documentation about the production;
 - to ensure deliveries of materials and technical resources to the construction site;
 - to ensure online management of the executive staff;
 - to execute all works in accordance with the Project and the time schedule.
Binding, construction, installation and erection works, are subject to:
 - REQUIREMENTS TO THE PERSONNEL, such as mandatory safety training, according to GOST 12.0.004-90
Construction, Assembly and erection works the same way in accordance with the: 
 - GOST R 50776-95 “ Alarm system. Part 1.General requirements.Section 4. Design Guide, installation and maintenance”;
 - GOST 1.06.05-85 “ The copyright position supervision of project organizations for construction of enterprises, buildings and structures ”;
 - SP 48.13330.2011 «SNiP 12-01-2004 Organization of construction work.»;
 - SNiP 3.05.06-85 “Electrotechnical devices.”;
 - SNiP 3.05.07-85 “ Automation systems.”;
 - SNiP 12-03-2001 “ Safety in construction. Part 1. General requirements.”;
 - RD 78.145-93 “ Alarm systems, fire and intruder-fire alarm systems. Rules of production and inspection works ”;

and a number of other documents.

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