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Mobile Radio System

 Mobile Radio System

  Mobile Radio System - is a way to provide radio communications and data service for subscribers in the range (covering) of a base station or a network of base stations.

  Mobile radio systems include both mobile operators networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE), and professional and departmental radio systems are operating in analog, and digital standards TETRA, NEXEDGE, MOTOTRBO, Tetrapol PAS, APCO 25.


  Mobile Radio System is built on the basis of the requirements of the user equipment, and provides a service is the coverage area. In the case of a small departmental systems with high requirements, for example explosion-proof user equipment and the requirement to provide only radiotelephone - the system can consist of a single base station that is connected to the PBX, and the PSTN or only to dispatcher controller. If necessary, to serve a large number of subscribers in the vast area the system can grow into a real network - including hundreds of base stations, base station controllers and networks, billing, and gateways to ensure continuity of service and thousands of millions of subscribers.

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