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Reliable powersupply

 For the really existing power networks are characterized by poor quality of general electric e nergy – high-frequency noise, frequency instability, unstable voltage etc. Poor quality of electricity is unacceptable for sensitive and expensive telecom equipment. For reduce down time is used series of reliable power supply systems.

·          Electric power distribution
·          Standby generators
·          Uninterruptible power supply units
·          Automatic transfer switches
  Electric power distribution - wiring can be made in different ways. There are two main types of electric power distribution in the building –hidden wiring and open wiring.Hidden wiring is electric network, laid on the floor in preparation for floor or inside the structural elements of buildings and structures. Concealed wiring using the following methods: electric installation in pipes, flexible metal sleeves, closed channels, cavities of building structures, etc. Open wiring is laid on the surface of various building elements of buildings and structures (such as walls and ceilings).For the open wiring are used the following ways: in the pipes, ducts, flexible metal sleeves, trays, etc.Open wiring are easy to service but hidden wiring are more suitable forpublicand office buildings.
  Stand by generators include generator units, fuel tanks, lubrication systems,cooling, power management etc. Generator sets provide the enterprise with independence from foreign power grid failure, enable continuous technological and production processes, and protect against interruptions in voltage is expensive equipment and production cycles.
  Un interruptible power supply units - an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power from battery to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. UPS units are also capable of correcting common utility power problems (voltage, frequency). Un interruptible power supplies are classified according to international standard IEC 62040-3.

  Automatic transfer switches is an electrical switch that switches a load between main and backup power source. ATS is widely used in energy systems and high voltage electrical installations of various businesses (Transformers, electric motors and other electrical equipment), less often — in low-voltage electrical installations, for example 220 -380 V. Effectiveness of ATS as the higher, the fewer break power supply to consumers, so switching time to reserve should be as shot as possible.

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