LAN – computer network which integrate computers and other devices in small area such as building, or campus and related territory. Two main today technology isused in LAN – Ethernet on speed up to 40Gbit/s (by copper or fiber lines) and Wi-Fi on speed up to 300+ Mbit/s.

  Modern LAN is the most universal and usable type of transport for all services based on IP (Internet Protocol). Using of PoE (Power over Ethernet) on copper links let us to connect a lot of devices with small power consumption.

  Technology of QoS (Quality of Service), and dynamic routing with using of RIPv2, OSPF and other up to BGP, a lot of proprietary protocols such as VSS and QFabric for reliability. Traffic of different services and applications is separated inside of LAN with VLAN (Virtual local area network) and VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding). All this and many other factors which make modern LAN flexible but add complication and requires good design and optimization.


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