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 Videoconferencing (VCS) - a technology that allows people to see and hear each other at a distance, as well as to communicate and share their processing in real time. This type of connection allows for negotiation, meetings and training without leaving the office, thus reducing, time, and costs, increasing the efficiency of internal communication. Video conferencing increases productivity by saving precious time management.
  Currently for video conferencing the following devices is in use:
Different types of terminals with audio and video - for one person or group, or IP- video phones.
Terminals can be made as a separate device (codec) for converting the data signal in the required form, and provides an interface to connect to the transport network. By this arrangement, it is necessary to connect the camera, microphone, and display device. The terminal may include a codec, a microphone and a camera, in this case only needs to additionally display device. Individual/group terminal can be as a complete set, it includes all the components.
The central element is a multipoint control unit (MCU). MCU H.323 combines mandatory Multipoint Controller to manage the connections, and one or more optional multimedia processors, the purpose of which - the mixing of audio and video signals from many participants (sometimes videoconferencing server role in some implementations, with a small number of points ap to 3-4 can perform terminal of VCS).
Gateways - devices connecting different types of transport networks with IP- network.
Gateway can also include format conversion of data and communication procedures (H.225/H.221 and H.245/H.242). Additionally, the gateway is responsible for transcoding video and audio signals and configures and closing connections.
Gateway controllers - devices that provide network management gateways in a distributed network.
Videoconferencing traffic, is a packet traffic of real-time, is very sensitive to the parameters of the transport connection. Parameters such as connection speed data connection establishment time, delay and jitter, packet loss rate, the probability of the connection have a significant impact on the quality of service to the end user - all this must be considered when building a network.

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